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Genocide of Darfur
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The crisis in Darfur is horrible. People are every day beign slaughtered in front of their families and kids. Women as well as young girls are constantly being raped or tortured. Many mother's witness their babies being killed in their very presence. Also many wives see their husband being killed and nothing is getting done about that.

Over 2.5 million people has died, mostly women and children. In January 2003 there was a peace treaty written and signed that the hostility and constant murder was going to be stopped. Although that peace treaty was signed and all the killing is still being committed. The most terrible thing is that the Sudanese government is supporting this genocide. The janjaweed are like a mixture of the mafia and  the kkk. These guys have a racist point of view that sees the Arab population as the supreme population that would like to see the subjugation of non-Arabs people. Many people who everyday witness this genocide said that the janjaweed always go around screaming that the people of Darfur are slaves, nasty, and need to get out of Darfur. The very thought of people dying with no dignity and constantly degraded is hurtful.

Done by Stephanie N. Ubiera